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March 26 2018

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March 22 2018

June 24 2015

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May 27 2015

Abandoned Ruined Orgasm

Abandoning consists of bringing the male right to the very brink of orgasm - ‘The Point Of No Return’ and then suddenly and hopefully shocking just letting go and halting all stimulation.   

If the man is bound or properly trained he will be unable to help himself and he must just look on as his cock bobs, spasms, jerks and sputters its way through a rather unsatisfying orgasm.

Surprise is an undervalued factor with abandoned orgasms.  In fact drama, emotion and slight of hand are frequently forgotten weapons when they can be the most damaging to the spirit if used effectively.

To Ruin The Male Orgasm

There is no reason whatsoever why the man should ever receive permission for a full orgasm. There is nothing to be gained from it because his constant need to ejaculate is what keeps him alert, submissive and ready to serve. Even the most obedient boys display a drop in submissiveness and servitude after an orgasm.

Besides, to ruin the male orgasm is one of the most delightful things in a female led relationship. The pathetic dribble of sperm from his penis is emasculating for him, empowering for you. Also I find his libido actually increases after a ruined orgasm, adding to his desperation to please. 

April 27 2015

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April 22 2015

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Happy Wife
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