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This is my tag-cloud. To be used as a set of bookmarks and possibly as reference.

If you want to get your own tags added just ask me. I'll probably do it ;)


bossy: a woman acting . . . bossy. But not really a fetish or sm thing
dominantSexy: pretty much as above. But there is sex involved

ass and legs : only to be used when the bodypart plays a prominent role in the picture

highHeels and boots: both can be used together. But usually they arent. There might be more footwear in the future
shoeSole: the sole is visible . . . yes wanted that tag

nylons and fishnets: not the same to me
lingery: to be used when it's the expensive stuff. Otherwise try panties or underwear (don't know why i made both)


weapon: there's a weapon. Usually in the hands of a woman ;).
whip: not realy a weapon. By the way: doesn't necessarily mean, there's some spanking going on.

handcuffs is just handcuffs
bondage is everything else

strapon: there's a strapon in the picture. Can be used in conjunction with straponAnal or straponOral.

goddess: was ought to be used for celebrities. Now it's used for pictures of beautifull women with no real dominant content.
mistress: as above but WITH real dominant content. Usually there is no man in the picture. But use as you wish.
celebrity: now they got their own tag
multiple: more than one domme
lesbian: more than one . . . but not just two dommes

cunilingus: the man can could move freely
facesitting: he can't
jackingOff: he is getting some fun too


CFNM: clothed female, naked male
naked: the woman of course

beneathHer: the man actually physically being below the woman
onTheGround: flat on his back

worship: she is worshiped or looks as if. Mostly a shoe- or foot-fetish thing
tongueAtWork: his tongue is actually visible. Can be cunilingus too
theLook . . .
POV: point of view


givingOrder: she is clearly giving him some orders
withText: there is some text in the picture
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