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April 13 2015

April 08 2015

Love how she owns him.  A blowjob is not an inherently submissive act.  It can be a marvelous femdom move.
Well he’s obviously happy to see her and her face looks like she’s a prowd owner.  Since he is wearing knee pads and there is redwine on the floor is’t easy to guess what happens next.

April 06 2015

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Mom's the best.
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Agnieszka - z zapałem oddaje się porannym pieszczotom swego zestresowanego studiami syna.
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March 30 2015

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March 26 2015



some of the best moments - aren’t kinky at all.

Love those moments!

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A visible, physical reminder is always helpful to remind him of his role.  Especially when that reminder is wrapped around his cock.
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